All the Olas Peru Surf Travel are trained professional surfing instructors. They have the knowledge of exactly where to surf depending on weather, tides and swells. They have been surfing all the Peruvian coast and much of Latin America for many years. Furthermore all our instructors and guides are trained in first aid by the Peruvian Red Cross and in Life-Saving methods to ensure our clients their safety.

Our team at Olas Peru Surf Travel lives to surf, and we love sharing our passion for riding waves. We think that there is no greater thing than people inspiring eachother with their knowledge and experience. In our team and also towards our clients we have a open attitude, and always go for clear and transparent communication.

Our team will make sure that our client will have ‘No Worries’ whatsoever during their ‘True Peruvian Surfing Experience’ with us.


Roberto Meza Vallve a.k.a. El Muelas
One of the most renowned Peruvian surfers, and former trainer of Sofia Mulanovich (World Surf Champion 2004, and sub champion in 2005). He has attained five times the title of National surf champion and the Pan-American longboard champion in 2006, currently coaching the Peruvian Surf Federation.
He is a great connoisseur of the history and culture of the Peruvian coast and has carried out courses as surf instructor and lifeguard in Australia. He is member of PASA (Pan-American Surf Association) and dictates Surf School Seminars in the Pan-American Games. Born in Peru in 1968, he has surfed and competed across five continents, having lived in California, in Spain and Indonesia, returning to Peru to found Olas Peru Surf School. He speaks English, Portuguese and Indonesian.

  Harold Koechlin a.k.a. Tom Harold
Surfer since the age of 10, he has been surfing all the Peruvian coast and taken part in many surfing expeditions for more than 25 years. After studying for 3 years Tourism Management in Lima, he moved to Costa Rica where he studied Eco tourism for another 3 years, and surfed many surf spots in Central & South America. He has travelled all around Peru and knows very well the Peruvian coast and the more than 100 surf spots. He is always searching for the perfect wave and is known by local surfers for his good vibe. Born in Lima, Peru in 1978, speaks fluent English.

Silvana Pastorelli
Renowned longboarder and local San Bartolo has 15 years of experience working with children as an English teacher and 5 years teaching surfing at beginner level students of the Escuela de Tabla Olas Peru.


Gino Bello Braschi
Gino has been with us for long time now, taking excelent pictures of the people on our surf trips and sharing his good vibes, always there to take the best photo in and out of the water, a real Paparazzi.
Let us know if you want to have a photographer in your surf trip or surf session and we will give him a call!



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