Sofía Mulanovich
Women Surfing Champion 2004

Waves in Peru are incredible and if you have a great guide that helps you find them, you will have a excellent adventure, there are few surfers in Peru that now all surf spots as well as Olas Peru Surf Travel guides.

There is nothing better than surfing good waves , staying in nice and comfortable hotels with excellent food and also have the luck to travel with surfers that really know the place and will treat you with a personalize service.

I know them & I recommend them!


Brendan McDonald
Director Earth Sessions
Surf Aid Expedition Peru

Together with Olas Peru Surf Travel and the Peruvian based surf charity ‘WAVES for Development’ we at the ethical expedition company ‘Earth Sessions’ run community development surfing expeditions to Lobitos in Northern Peru. We completed a Pilot Expedition of the Surf Aid Expedition Peru, and Olas Peru Surf Travel contributed significantly to the success of that Pilot project.

The 7-day surfari was an ideal way to begin the four week program, with a fun and surf filled trip through the desert of Northern Peru. The local knowledge of Harold our guide, both in and out of the water, really made a difference. We got to surf the best spots at the right time without a problem. The 4x4 transport in ‘the beast’ was faultless and gave us peace of mind in the remote desert environment. The accommodation was also on the mark, with quality, clean and secure facilities right on the break or in the right part of town.

During the Community Surf project in Lobitos, Harold’s presence as a Peruvian, and his credibility as a qualified and experienced surf instructor made a big impact on the youth of Lobitos. He led the classes and commanded respect from the kids.

At all times OPST were professional and results focused. Olas Peru Surf Travel’s connections and knowledge made the trip effortless for us, and ensured satisfaction from everyone in our group.


Coll Faragher
Cornwall, United Kingdom
Surf Aid Expedition Peru

Local knowledge of spots and conditions was definenately invaliable in our search for waves. It was great travelling with a well-known and well-respected local surfer who got positive reactions from any other people in the water. He provided us with the conditions we searched, and helped us push our surfing. We also got an insight into Pervian surf culture as well as local knowlege in general that we would have otherwise missed. Over our trip Harold became a mate, moreover because he was also involved in our volunteer project ‘Waves for development’ where he was the head surf coach, running lessons with us for local children in a small underprivilaged coastal community. Overall the trip was great; taking in some of Peru's and the worlds most famous surf spots and having the elements that make any great trip; waves, good weather, company, adventure as well as good food and accomodation along the way to make life a lot easier...


Leslie Schaenman, Esq.
Sports and Entertainment
New York, USA

I had a great time in Peru and a large part of it was hanging out with you guys...thanks so much for making our trip so memorable...I have told all my surf friends back East about my trip and a lot of them say they want to check out Peru...I will give them your contact info.I am going to start riding a shorted board because carrying that longboard on trips gets very old. Enjoy the rest of your Winter...my regards to Miguel and Roberto...I will look forward to wearing the Las Olas Peru shirt here in the US.


Nathaniel Warring
President, Cox&Kings USA

Thanks to Miguel and Roberto for looking after us so well. It was one of my best trips and I cannot wait to come back and surf with you guys soon.
I watched the Surf Across Peru last night and was dreaming of the waves and
Monica and I at Zuna and Cox & Kings look forward to working with your
company. Do send us the Luxury program too!


Myriam Imaz
Spain Women Surfing Champion
Paises Vazcos

La gente a flipado con las fotos y todas las historias que les he contado y más de uno ya ha anotado Perú en su lista de futuros destinos. Hace un par de días empecé a escribir sobre todo lo que hicimos en el surfari y es increíble que pudiésemos hacer tantas cosas en tan poco tiempo verdad?


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